Wise Women Retreats

m_pickering_beach2Imagine yourself, or with your best friend(s), on a tranquil journey to celebrate your sisterhood! Designed for 10-30 women who wish to embrace their connection with each other and themselves.

Intention for Retreats

We gather to find our song, to sing our song and to deepen our song.
We gather to share, to go deeper and experience the contemplation and company of ourselves with others.

We are wise women, no matter the age. We are the women here now to remember Women's Wisdom, add our new voices to the song and carry it forth in our families, work, community and world.We are the voices needing to be heard right here, right now.

In a special place of stillness, you will relax, revilalize and connect; taking all you have learned and experienced back to your world.

In the time away from discussion, imparting wisdom and laughter you will be offered: yoga/stretching, meditation, journaling, walking on the beach, massage and letting deep relaxation and stillness take you to a place of connection with your truth.

Once you register, your group/retreat experience will begin. You will be sent a schedule, a list of items to bring, and a question to complete.

This is a gift to yourself, from yourself...make it special and prepare with joyous expectation.


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