Our Tapestry & Legacy

In a presentation I gave recently entitled “Sex, Money, Rock 'n Roll" ...Dancing With Life Through Our Ages”,  I addressed the Tapestry and Legacy of your lives as we  love, create and birth the harmony and expression that is begging to be released and nurtured in each of us.

In this claiming of our values, gifts, life experiences and wisdom; we chart and continue our journey in life. Acknowledging and understanding all that each of us is becoming and become and what we want the rest of our lives to express. The stories that we are weaving and will leave behind, and the gifts we bring to the world.

We are consciously or un-consciously weaving the tapestry of our lives...some threads are more subtle, some more colourful, some threads have been dropped ( a friendship, an interest laid aside for a time), some carry through our whole lives; creating the foundation, dialogues and security that we pass on through our legacy and gifts. 

There are 3 distinct ages/journeys that life takes us on once we pass through our teen years.

The age of Rock-‘n Roll…stepping out and moving about, experimenting; the “ I’m dancing as fast as I can” age , where you are settling down, claiming your space; and the age of the waltz (with the occasional hi-step)...the wisdom of  gracious flow, release and legacy.

Looking back over your time and tapestry...would you pick up some dropped threads, add some new ones that you have been delaying?  What are the special ones that may be a bit nubby yet bring the fondest memories...and more importantly how can you keep weaving so that your life tapestry and hence your legacy will be shared and remembered with love, laughter and deep abiding fondness?.



Cycles & Seasons

I can’t believe that we are already in April, and Spring is here; at least in many areas on the planet!!! Love the buds bursting, the birds chirping and the anticipation of warmth!

It has been a long winter for most. I used this time to really go deep into inner contemplation. I like living with the cycles of life. I know that our busyness must take up the majority of our time; while some of us are fortunate to be past that in our lives, some are forced by circumstances to slow down and others still feel the need to push and produce.

The cycles offer such a profound connection to our lives if we just let them; and I know that each season brings its’ own rewards, fun, challenges and delights.

Besides the obvious gifts of each season…a change in wardrobe, different activities and sports, various vacation places, different foods and  outside enjoyment; there is also the anticipation and planning that goes into the season- to-come that keeps us looking forward. From planning the garden, reaping the harvest, repairs needing to be accomplished and deciding what books, videos and classes we will bring into our lives when we settle in for the winter.

I think that experiencing the seasons and cycles of life make us more whole, tests our resolve and character and adds more love, appreciation and joy to each life.

On a deeper note, these times also bring more meaning. We grow and evolve with each passing year. In the seeing, listening and action of each season we, at various levels of our consciousness, know, and appreciate each seasons’ gifts and allow these to deeply be felt and appreciated…who doesn’t  breathe in deeply the new fragrances of honeysuckle, the sea, wood smoke, pine trees and tantalizing food aromas.

This “way of life”  makes me feel so alive...a part of something that is natural, always unfolding, and something that I can count on and trust…no matter what is transpiring in my life, good or not so good.

This is the “security” that we crave. The “sureness” in our lives that we will be OK and the one thing that is true. “All else will pass”, yet we can count on the cycles and seasons of, re-birthing and the harvest before the deep rest…this is the truth, the reality and the promise of LIFE and our many gifts and blessings here, on this planet we all call home (for the moment). 





Lost vs Soul Journey 

Dear Hearts…It has been 1 year since we have published and I have written. A time of re-birthing, re-generation and a time of deep contemplation. I just celebrated my 70 birthday; and you may well imagine that this has created many insights, deep probing and  more than enough… What?? How?? and Next??

This has been one of the most challenging times of my life and I am still not complete with this process.

Each time I thought I was ready to write, gathered  information I wanted to share, placed myself before the keyboard,  I became blank, resigned that I had nothing I was ready to say…and within a couple of minutes moved on and away.

Now, It seems that I have come to a place of surrender, really wanting to just write whatever flows and hopefully connect with what needs to be said.

I am lost...I feel that all I had to express here on the planet is done and I sit, wander, cry and wait…nothing happens hour after hour day after day. This transition of the past year to a small town,. the vision I had of opening a small, quaint retail shop that would serve this community with products that were needed (I was told) and that were an expression of my heart and interests have all been for nought. After months of despair, prayers and frustrations I have closed the shop.

This is so far from what I had intended, planned or imagined. And of course this begs the question...What happened?

This has taken me to the core of my belief and value systems.  All you hear of “dark night(s) of the soul”, depression, anxiety attacks, no energy, no interest in life, stress-related health issues; I am experiencing. I have always felt that I was a strong, creative and intelligent woman and this year has brought me to my knees. One friend… actually a few friends have said that I ”chose” this as part of my life journey.. that is no help at all !!

It does not help at all to know that I am a spirit having a human experience...I want to get out of this pain, confusion and make my life OK again. It does me no good to realize that I have failed to connect with and attract the people, ideas, creativity I needed  to make my business successful and prosperous. It does not help to know / feel that I am unconnected to my Higher Self/God/Source , that my constant deeply felt prayers go unanswered!!!

So what does a Woman do? 

She reaches out for help…friends, a therapist who can pose the hard questions, books...old and new, music to relax and sooth, walks in nature, long naps, deep heart- clearing cries, cuddles with my 5 lb. dog, dancing in the candle-lit dark, and mostly just stopping…just being; allowing the pain and despair to flow through and leave.  Surrender it all….Just Stop and Be.

Be Still and Know that I AM…

Now comes the “Trust part”..   What and Whom am I trusting?

Do I trust me?  To?  Can I believe again?  Believe what??

The coming back to the Self is a deep and personal journey…it is always the dialogue of the self with the Self. The healing can be slow...a few steps forward and a couple back...hesitating, asking is this the way? or is the ego trying to gain a foothold again...the illusion of familiar paths and patterns as comfort when they are just the same old same old.  I stumble along, feeling numb; too euphoric at times...and still off centre, out of the  balance I crave to feel.

I go back to “this is a soul journey and that I sighed up for this”??? So I accept and appreciate that I have the time to do this work…not that I felt I had a choice…but one I accept and surrender to; this process.. it does make things and me lighten up and that is after all, all that is required.

The journaling, the various written “exercises” I did to release more of the past, forgiveness of others,  mostly myself, the new understandings and realizations…all areas and knowings I felt I had “mastered”; yet here I Am again and desperately wanting to move forward with my life.

So the end of the summer is upon me and while I have enjoyed the sometimes painful “blooming” of the new parts I have discovered and nurtured; often an hour at a time, I do like and take joy in the arriving to this softer, more gentle place of acceptance, release and understanding. Inside I feel more balance of the giving and receiving (often expressed as pushing and pulling to make things happen). The deeper questions are being answered and I am in the flow of the energy they bring and how I wish to relate and present those new expressions and creativity to my world.

I am moving forward, feeling the new ground that has been planted one step at a time, knowing that again I can count on All transpiring for my highest good…that I can handle whatever shows up.

I am ready to harvest those new sprouts and blooms and gently be present in Life again…in Trust and in Love. 

My new mantra:  “I Live in Easy Flow Life” !!



I ran into  a “bully” the other day. Now I am a woman of a certain age as he is too. At first I was unaware of what was happening; and while I heard him address me in an uncalled for manner I wanted to laugh and say are you serious???  I tried ignoring him for a few minutes; but one look and I knew that he was “loaded” and ready for a fight. What I mean by loaded was not intoxicated;  he had woven a story that he felt gave him cause to unload on me...I barely know this person and his wife and I were in conversation and he kept interrupting to make a point that had nothing to do with the conversation.  Initially, I was polite, I didn’t  quite get he was on a tear, but his wife’s attention and body language was so stressed I finally turned to him, listened to the tone and verbiage coming my way and realized I was face to face with a bully… something that has not occurred in 30 years!

So I ask myself ..what was my part in drawing this to me?.…had I not seen this part in this man before? What was he so worked up about? And how did I want to handle this?  What was his wife’s part in this and how to keep that relationship intact.

All this flew through my head in seconds as I watched and listen…and then I heard my self say “ Stop, you are trying to bully me and this is not appropriate, I will listen to what you have to say, but not in that tone or in this (public) place. I am feeling threatened, you must stop speaking to me in this matter now. “  He did not, just got louder, the topic was totally out of context and he was now becoming red, breathing heavy and physically agitated.

I made a move to the door, wife following, quiet…she never once addressed him…curious,…he kept the flow of “his story”…and threats up...all the while maintaining he was not threatening me… finally I faced him directly, put up the palm of my hand to his face, raised my voice a bit and said that I would like him to leave now…just get out! And he did. WHEW!!!   

The following day his wife returned…no apology….but we ended on a good note.

SO??? I know that there are people who still haven’t figured out or learned to communicate, I know that some people desperately need attention (any kind will do) and I know that there are still some women of my generation and I imagine younger too that still will put up with this boorish and infantile behaviour.

Our schools and cultures are finally acknowledging and trying to deal with the sometimes horrific damage that a bully can cause…but what I know for sure that this issue, like many issues has its’ roots in neglect, a feeling of being judged and not loved or accepted.

While most stories begin at home we see the damage world-wide in politicians who throw their weight around by using threats, fear, control, and torture…”my way or else” is the demand of grown men /governments everywhere. This comes from a place of profound weakness!

My focus is empowering women…so when I witnessed the wife and her lack of response in the moment as well as the non-apology the next day I realised that she has become numb to this behaviour. Now I do not want to project what may be happening there, or for how long; however my decision in the moment was as much for her benefit as it was for mine. Role modeling and setting boundaries are necessary.

WE all must take our stand…and this goes for every area of our lives; in schools, communities, governments, religions and decisions that impact the planet. We must not be held hostage to anything that in any way dis-respects, harms, denies, trashes or destroys any Being, life form or organism that nurtures us.  We are all interconnected at the deepest and the most mundane levels every day. WE all want to thrive, be happy, appreciated, create and contribute. Stand and teach this to each the very best you can be and respect and honour everything!



In the autumn of my years…This is my birthday month and as usual I take this time to ponder, review the past year and consider the various lessons; some painful, some joy-filled and some learned and let go quickly.

This has been a “moving” year for me and my family. While I live in BC., my family lives in California. This has also been a “1”’ year for me. ..a year of “new beginnings”.  None of this was taken lightly...we all knew that many “firsts” would make up this year. First high-school graduation, first sweet-sixteen, an eigthteenth  birthday, a fiftyth birthday , a new promotion with world travel, a move to a new town , a new business venture , new friends and new lessons…all we expected , all were looked- forward to, all were mostly exciting and to be enjoyed…and then there were the un-expected, the un- planned , the sad and confusing events.  

While my move to a new town and new business venture was in the works for many month,, my family’s  events did not start until early June with the graduation of my grandson. The month of July was filled with the rest of the expected and looked forward to events...all fun. ..all happy...and then the first unexpected and  sad occurrences...the deep illness and death of a beloved-grandfather.  And then the very unexpected death of another much respected man in their family. All in less than a month!

This is the first time that they have met deathing with ones so close. How does a family balance all this…how do they “grok” this in their heads and hearts?  So much emotion, so much sadness, confusion, and the anticipated excitement and celebrations now delayed.

What emotions get placed  ”on the back burner”? When do they celebrate the milestones and the rights of passage of their lives that only come once?...when so much is crowding in on them?

I was 12 years of age when a classmate passed on. I remember going to her family’s home with the rest of our class, all in our uniforms, to “view” her. As I was walking up the driveway later on my thought was ”Peggy will never see a sunset again”.  I always remember this event and for some reason it gave me a sense of peace and an understanding that has served me well through the years.       

Being older has given me time and understanding that I am comfortable with;  yet I hesitate to place my beliefs on these young ones. This is a time of character building, of introspection for them, of seeing what their family has given and nurtured and taught them. It is hard to hear and see and know what they (must?) be feeling and not offer words of advice and comfort….each must “place” these events in their own hearts in their own way and time.

Does “time” really take care of these events…do they fade as the years progress? Or, do we re-call them as “just yesterday” with all the attendant feelings, and bitter-sweet memory and questions of “what-if ”.?






front-porch-lgI’m re-writing my “bucket list’ for Summers, I realize that this season brings up so many “un-done” things for me and I get quite “teary-eyed” when I think of them, so, time to address this.

I have never worn “summer dresses” know those delightful, frothy, sleeveless, colourful creations right out of the romance area.  I had envisioned being dressed in one of those garments, with a large hat; relaxing, going for a walk in a beautiful meadow, not a care in the world and drifting through the summer in idleness.

Being on the water…I love being on the water (not in it) and I have not in over 35 years sailed or just spent a day enjoying this pastime.

Finding new and out-of-the-way places for picnics. As a child we picnicked every Sunday. After church, dinner (at noon) we would pack the tartan cooler and drive to a different place, spread the blanket, relax, sometimes by a lake or stream and just stop.

Cottages:..I remember cottage eastern Canada it is on the Atlantic, or a lake and we had various friends who lent us their cottages every summer for a couple of weeks. What heaven. This is truly the best!!!  Life is simple, basic, parents stop parenting and life is fun!  A “stop “ to “doing”.

Vacations…Visiting family and friends who I haven’t seen in years… or off to a special place or one that I have never been to. I have been planning a trip to Venice for years and have never made it!!??

A Sleeping Porch…if you have never slept on one during the hot nights you are truly missing an experience. My grandmother in Massachusetts had one and when we visited that is where my sister and I ended up. Beds  or cots stripped down to the bottom sheet, light cover handy if needed, water in a dew- covered jug with mint and skimpy pj’s.  I loved that porch…where did they go???

Lobster, Gin & Tonics, Any-Berry Shortcake and mounds of whipped cream.  So this is ??? and why do I beat myself up because I enjoy / want them. How many delights do I deny myself because of calories, expense, and just plain control?  I’m not going to indulge every day, all day… so??? big whup!!!!

So right here, right now I am declaring that I desire a summer of beautiful dresses,  meandering walks in the shade, or along the beach, feeling the wanderlust from a boat as I float merrily along, picnics daily that are packed with cool delights,  visiting a friend and/ or renting a cabin and sleeping by the open window to catch the breeze, AND eating for pleasure.  

I am indulging all my senses, I will luxuriate in summer, the sun (with sunscreen and a hat), the gentle fragrant breezes, the lazy warmth relaxing ever cell in my body, the company of sweet, tender friends, and finally know that I have indeed experienced my perfect summer season. BLISS ABOUNDS!  



The Ease of Letting Go

So I’m back from my vacation…a long planned one as I went to my grandson’s high-school graduation. We are all proud of him. What I learned during this trip was that some things, and some relationships are best left in the past. I had not been in my old home area for over ten years and wanted to connect with some of the fond memories and friends. While a few of my friends and I have kept in touch; a phone call now and then, a note in a card at Christmas, and  often a dialogue through Facebook, there was a knowingness that we had moved on …new interests, new relationships, new ways of being.  Intrepid person that I am…sometimes to my own downfall…I did wander down memory lane, saw the beauty, remembered the smells and circumstances of the past, noted how I had changed, grown? and did connect with a couple of friends.

The majority of my interactions, time and connecting was just beautiful and easy. There were a couple of circumstances that I found myself questioning; how I had “mis-remembered” how this person really was and in my hurry to reconnect I had placed myself in a situation that was very negative, dredging up old mis-understandings and the re-telling of old stories and mis-interpertations. YIKES!

I felt caught...while I requested many times to be present here and now, the past was always brought back into the conversation.  What was the agenda here? How was I to respond?  Observing my inner dis-comfort I tried in vain to “speak peace” …the “other” was not going there…so after much inner questing I heard ”it is not my business what others think of me”…there was my out…..I let go!!! Of trying to make the friend see and hear the new me, my truth, my new insights. Let it all go, Just like that.  Freedom!!!

Knowing who I am, how far I have journeyed and the wisdom I have garnered over time is the foundation of my life here and now and while I love remembering and sharing stories, I love the present and the life I have created; (from a painful and fear-filled past), it is something that I am proud of, for me. I do not have to get others to understand, accept, or join…so I choose to let go, move forward and enjoy now. Yeah Me!

MMP rainbow



It has begun to occur to me that life is a stage that I am going through and that it really is about my soul’s journey; what it wants to experience, grow from and delight in creating. I (my body) am just along for the ride.

The one sad thing is that sometimes, as now, my body can’t seem to keep up…the heart, mind-creating and joy I feel is not being translated as get-up-and-move-it in my body,

There were never truer words spoken than “take care of your body and it will take care of you”. Having experienced no illness or disease I have been very healthy; my body got me to this point and now I want it to take me to …that point…and it is balking…how dare it speak back to me!!!

While I have had the occasional stiffness and cranky joints I just keep moving forward…after-all  if I don’t do it, it wouldn’t get done.  So here I am once again re-creating my life anew...loving the creativity that is flowing big time, wonderful new people in my life and lots of well wishes from old friends.  Love my new home; love, love, love my new business…and all the possibilities…it can’t get any better! Blessings abound !!

And yet...the body is screaming??!!  “Pay attention to me”.…”but I’m on a roll here can’t you see time to relax and just Be…get it together...Now.…please”

So… what’s a girl (woman) to do? I compromise...I  blackmail, I promise, I give goodies to appease the voice and body dis-comforts and I keep moving forward each day. While I know that everything is energy I trust that my body is working through what it must as I ..the Me of me also works through this transition to this new life expression.  

Yes,  I am tuned into my higher self…we are together on this…I am at my soul’s command and expression…we are co-creating this life and my mission…as I choose to accept it, is to take care of me the best way I can so my soul can mature, express and have fun right here, right now!  Yeah us!!  

It has taken me a long time to be totally my my life...knowing that I am responsible for all that occurs…I am truly having the experience of a lifetime...I get it…and I love it!




I go forth immersed in God and God’s Love , Light and Abundance, I go forth in perfect service to All those I meet along the Way.

This is the offering I speak every day of my life...I found it years ago in a series of writings by “Sterling” and adopted it as my own.

This is my moving weekend…releasing the old (of the last 5 years) and so much more; and moving to a new town, house, business and “Way of Being”…all in trust and faith.

This is not a new experience for me ..I seem to have chosen a life of constant change, newness, letting go and relying on intuition and courage. Not always as successful as I had intended at the time yet in hindsight (ain’t it great?)...perfect. Sometimes too much suffering and angst as I kept second guessing myself and always worried as to “how“ I was going to make it.

There were the “pothole” lessons and over time I have learned the lessons quicker and now see them and do walk around or the other way!! Yeah Me!!

So this journey I put in motion a year ago...deliberate, intentful and full of love. I wrote it all down…the outline of the dream I had for myself; spoke my prayer and affirmations; did the visualizations, felt the feelings and saw myself there!!  Started walking and talking "it" about 3 months ago.... AND IT WORKED!!!!

Everything and better has now manifested for me in perfect and harmonious ways and for my highest good and the highest good of all involved. This latter statement some of you will recognize as a blessing to release to the universe your intention to cause no harm along the path you tread.

Of course there will be lessons (again). This too I know for sure. And I also know that I can handle whatever shows up as my trust in myself has deepened, I know who I am and who I am Becoming, and I have learned to let go, surrender to the moment and live in Joy, Peace and Love for that is who I AM .





Feminist that I AM

I bow to the Mother

And I salute the Father,


Knowing  I need the energies and gifts

of Both

In Co-creating a Life, my Life,

my Birthing…my Eternal Spring.


Arms held wide and heart open in gratitude

I embody the gifts of each; a creative heart, the strength of the willow,

the embrace of love and tenderness, the vision of peace.

So many attributes to share with ALL.


And my Mother and Father rejoice with me

as They too celebrate their expressions

that flow through me as Me.


Spring…Growth…Movement…Blooming…Thriving...Embracing the New

These are all the attributes that we label this season and yet it is also looked on as the beginning of change and work that must be done. I find myself at this season ready to step out and place myself on the journey of seeking new home and new work in an unfamiliar place.

 Now I have been on this “bungie cord” before…(dangling and not knowing where I am going to land), being forced and sometimes choosing to move forward to change and newness. So what have I learned from all the past journeys that I will remember to make this new adventure easier?

First of all I know that nothing happens by accident. I know that all will happen in perfect time and I know that I always land on my feet. I have great house “karma” so I am assured of the perfect home for me and Kiva (my 5lb Maltese) to live.

Work that I love to do, that uses my talents, skills, expertise and wisdom may be a challenge. I have always been a “big picture” person; lots of creativity and ideas yet where to place the passion I have for so many areas of life.  “Find Your Bliss” we are told over and over….and what if the “bliss” is hidden, not available, too expensive? Well then this is where the” balancing act” comes in.

Most of us have at one time or another done what was necessary in life to make the reality of the moment work; taken jobs that we preferred not to, put up with difficult people /situations, etc. to pay the bills. Some felt stuck, no growth, no desire to change and yet knew that “something” had to give. Inertia, the being in the same rut...too comfortable, too restrictive , yet the “known”…all this is mind and body numbing.

I have done all the above many times. This time I have drawn my line in the sand; stated my claim for my “ideal” that will be the highest expression I have to offer and much needed wherever I land.

I do know that I am always heard, that I am happy with my life and that I trust life to move me forward in ease and joy to my next adventure.

I accept this challenge, this new growth season, knowing that I have done the inner work necessary to meet and handle whatever is presented and that I will bloom and thrive wherever I am planted!



All You Need is Love…

Imagine All the People….

For some reason I always think of John Lennon at this time (and also on Peace Day). He had a genius for writing the perfect words; simple, direct and true. You knew when you heard them that it was so.

Years ago in writing my thesis I chose  “ Romantic Love, Fact or Fiction? ”. This did not take a lot of research as there were/are lots of history, quotes, romantic, fictional stories, etc. to pull from. My intention was to clear the air on just how bogus this whole idea of romance was. I gave examples of the “Hallmark” moments, the various “created” and designed valentine “must haves” and how this was all a capitalist’s dream. While I did make my point it did take away the warm fuzzies and dreams that each person has about “love” and being “in love”. I was not young when I wrote this (early 30’s) and was probably a bit jaded by then.  

Over time I have become aware just how difficult it is for some people to connect through words to express their feelings; some never do, let alone speak them out loud. So I gather the cards, etc. do fill a real need.  In pursuing this thought on a larger scale, I know how I feel when watching the various “news of the day” and hearing about all the domestic violence still occurring in families, the many wars about people just wanting to be treated with respect and honesty (and that is really the issue behind all war!... think about it!!!) and I am at a loss for words yet my feelings are running over.

There are times when I just turn off the pictures…news/movies/put the book down …my heart cannot take any-more pain!  I feel helpless in the face of it all. Now it is not that I want to stay in denial of what is happening in the is that I do not understand or accept that nothing has changed??!!!

WHY the ****not???  It is all so simple really….each religion teaches it…then promptly ignores it! from…The Gift of Love….Love is not a sentimental attachment to mankind: love is a law; love is a mode of conduct, an attitude. Love does not come to us. Love is within each of us and we must open out a way for it to escape . Love is something that we let flow out of us. Knowing that each person on the planet has the same capacity, needs, desires; we must find a way to let that touch our hearts and minds to develop compassion and empathy for our families, our close community and let it spread throughout the world.

As “humans” we are here to create, connect, make a difference because of our lives here. Right here. Right now.  We All Matter!!!

Let this Valentine’s Day be marked as an anniversary each year as to how much you have opened your heart; you have listened deeper to a loved one, how you have shared more of your feelings, took a stand against any and all types of abuse, developed a dialogue with a person who  feels  depressed /worthless, supported an international organization for peace…so much to do…get on with it… and IMAGINE, IMAGINE…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  IS  ALL  IT  TAKES !!!.  



Revolution !!!   Co-Creating a New World….

All revolution must come from within.  Each of us, whether we live in Canada, the Middle East, the United States, Russia, China,etc...each of us comes to this “place” quietly, with resolve and intention.

We may have arrived there after much contemplation, discussion with others, a concern that has grown as certain issues have evolved, a helpless feeling and a deep knowingness of un-fairness, imbalance and witnessing injustice and indifference.

When we arrive there...this place that “revolution” seems the only answer, and maybe action...what then??   I think that in North America this might be a shock to finally arrive to this begs the question. ..then what??  How do I make a change in this??...How do I take a stand?...Who will it impact? Positively or negatively?

Recently the event of “Occupy” has been a new phenomenon in our culture. It was long overdue and one wonders just how long the “power brokers’ and governments were watching and waiting to see just how far they could push the masses into the various corners.

The inequalities and imbalance has been obvious and prevalent for decades; yet no revolution. Why now???

 Is it the “energy “ in the air as we witness the voices and slain bodies of the brave in the Middle East?

Is it that OUR government is dragging us backwards… to be a society that is one of meanness, distain, corruption, indifference and dis-honesty ...all the while we can only stand by...hope for Spring, renewal and new leadership?

Again…as peacekeepers, as we once were known, it is difficult to shift from dialogue and discussion to action, talking a stand and raising your voice. Choose your topic/issue...explain (not defend) your point of view and be alert to where you can share and make a difference.

It all starts with each one of us…and you will be surprised and thrilled just how many people feel the same way and this is where revolution starts!

I, for one hope “Occupy” will grow, spread, flourish and infect every woman, man and child with a sense of empowerment, trust, fairness and equality for all !!!

WE are the change the world is waiting for…WE are the NEW HUMAN,  that is sensitive, generous, empathic, fair, taking responsibility and making the difference (and sometimes the hard choices) for ourselves and our future generations. 




We all have them...we all make them…and the question is do we make them from love or fear?

At this time of year when we celebrate a birth of a child, the return of Light to the planet and the “idea” of peace and good will towards mankind”, we are eager and joy-filled with love and anticipation. Good wishes abound.  Our life cycle returns year after year to this celebration and intention and then “the business of life “creeps slowly back in as the new year takes hold.

In this “taking hold’ we are back in the fear place of worry: re finances, the market, health issues, competition, how to get more, family and education requirements and a myriad of life necessities that demand our attention.  We buckle down, suck it up, close our hearts...and get on with it.

Until…we again come to this special time in our yearly cycle that gives us reason and permission to celebrate, open our hearts and once again have hope, feel joy and release love and generosity. 

Our cultures, religions and governments are built and nurtured on fears. We are spoon-fed fear from the crib…all in the name of love and protecting us.

Our cultures, religions and governments in the “name of protecting us” create, fund and encourage financial misdeeds on a massive scale, battles and wars that torture, maim, and kill in the name of keeping us safe from???, and create levels of “fear” alerts and language that is intended to keep us separate from our innate knowingness of love and that includes the feelings of when to be cautious, trust, relax, enjoy and live fully.

Choices= Freedom !!!  When you give your choice to “something or someone” to make decisions in your name because you are afraid/don’t want to do the research to be better informed/too busy to take a stand/ or too lazy to vote (and that is a vote!) you will surely reap the consequences...the government you deserve…the job lost…the money absconded with…the relative/friend killed. 

So… is it…..                    LOVE                                                                          FEAR

                          Birth, Breath, Life, Respect                                 Separation, Protection, Powerless,

                          Creativity, Joy, Empathy,                                    Ignorance, Arrogance, Weakness,

                          Trust, Wholeness, Harmony,                              Anger, Distrust, Bullying, Greed,              

                          Compassion, Generosity,                                     Indifference, Apathy, Killing,

                          Causing & Creating No Harm                             Isolation, Power-over Behaviours        

Life is challenging; and in this season of love and light…resolve to take your precious life back…from whomever/whatever you have given it to. Be the Love, the harmony, the kindred spirit, the good neighbour, the fabulous parent and the wise choice-maker you were born to be and protect that part of yourself for yourself and your world…from Love, in Love and with Love for All.   


My Storm

I have the desire to be out in it, feel it, experience it.

The storm.

The wind; the force of it, the life of it

tugging at me, pushing me, embracing me.


Heart beating wildly

my body strains to hold balance,

I love this!


The elemental force against force

The Being against the Element

Me and the wind

Me and the storm


I relish this test?

This showing of strength.


No winner, no loser

Just each of us Being







Stop the World, I Want… OFF!

YIKES! I guess I’m finally here?…out of my mouth I hear myself saying...”when I was growing up, in my  day, I remember when it used to be…” How and when did this happen…and where is “here”? Is this a destination, an out of time space? A head set, a heart grieving? What?!!

I really thought only old people did this and I felt sorry that they couldn’t relate, felt out of place, kind of out of it. And here I am. For me it is not about nostalgia…I am good at letting go and moving on; it is seeing and knowing from a deep level what works and what doesn’t. And not having to change or fix it.

While I am a certain age, I am usually “witnessing” the events and occurrences that take place around me. It’s not that I am disconnected; however I do choose to “involve myself” less and less.  It is said that we are all “teachers” for each other as we meet and pass through each other lives; and I certainly have had many lessons to learn! But I see and feel myself withdrawing from teaching now.

With this, I have also felt a deeper connection to me, a deeper knowingness seems to be seeping in and I like the feeling, and a kind of silent power seems to be also making itself known.

So where have I arrived? Is this a new place? Have I finally grown up? Am I done?

This time of year also heralds the closing cycle of the year, nature settleing in to gather energy for the spring ahead.  Maybe I’m hibernating? Anyway the question remains...I am enjoying the process and I love this time of year, so I going to make myself a cupa, sit in my favorite chair and watch the leaves gently fall. It/I will work it out and all will be just fine. It always is! (another lesson learned)!       



The Harvest

Harvest: The gathering of crops; the season when ripened crops are gathered; a crop or yield of one growing season; a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored; the result of consequence of any act, process or event; to gather, reap; to gain, win; to catch or take for use.

Harvester: A person who harvests; reaper

Harvest Home: The bringing home of the harvest; a time of gathering in the harvest

So here we are at this  ”harvest”  season…what are you harvesting this year?  Are you harvesting wonderful vegies and fruits from a bountiful garden that will sustain you and yours for the winter ahead? Are you sharing the harvest with community, friends and family and “preserving” the bounty?

Are you in touch with the new harvest and gifts of you that you planted, nurtured and grew through this year and are you ready to harvest, acknowledge and share the bounty and beauty of you??

Has your maturity ripened into wisdom and are you sharing this precious gift...with joy, deep understanding and laughter?

If none of the above apply…then why???

Remember; whether we grow a “unique” variety…never forget “we” are a “unique” variety too!

I look forward to the bounty that I helped nurture and grow with Mother Nature as co-creator and I also cherish the deliberate “blooms” in my- self that came to fruition and harvest this year.

All Blessings Galore!!!



Peace Now

Over the years I have read innumerable texts, writings, poems, proclamations, rantings and songs for and about peace. I have marched, shouted, wept and pleaded to?? for peace. I have felt sad, jubilant, depressed, angry, confused and despair.

For me the answer to and for all the “causes” of my acts…is “STOP” to all the governments, militaries, religions, organizations, monetary systems, bureaucrats, to all “those” who think that they have the right to decree, impose their way/belief on someone , some ”other”.

Have we gone so far that there is no turning back, is all falling on deaf ears and does anyone out there care anymore, are we numb and used to ”that is just the way it is?”

In a beautiful book “Instead of Arms” by Folke Bernadotte, a Swede, written just after the second world war he writes “It is my firm conviction that all activities founded on love and charity have great possibilities for bridging the gap caused by the hatred and misunderstanding now prevalent between nations in the shadow of (wars). Let mercy speak instead of arms.

Judge not that ye not be judged…I know of no more beautiful words…if they could have been the guiding principle for society, the world today would have been different” (Rhodes 1948).

Our world and all the various special interests or at least “they “ think they are special…usually created in fear and by greed and run for monetary gain and “supposed “power over” have deliberately set about creating a way of life that so many people, cultures and countries have bought into that we no longer have any real freedom, democracy or voice left that is respected or heard. While there are wonderful global peace groups and organizations, individuals, and I am sure that there are significant movements forward; I find myself still knowing that the real answers are not being implemented.

Stop…Cause and Create No Harm!!! Simple…just do it !!! Now !!!

Ghandi said we need to be the peace we wish to person at a time committing to this action,way, speech. Be the Peaceful Warrior, there is nothing needed to be so. Take the self-responsibility, the mantle, the role, play it to the hilt, grovel in it, show off in it.

In the Art of Peace ( by Philip Dunn, adapted from Sun-Tzu’s Art of War ),the Five Matters are;

Love, The Way...the only way…loving ourselves to truly love others

Creating Heaven on Earth, being more conscious and aware

Vigilance, setting your path/intention and committing to the Way

Silence, offers energy and insight

Power, the lack of blame…arises out of the previous matters love, consciousness, vigilance, and silence.

I wish you all a safe and connected peace, for peace, for all time …Pass it on…please.



The Mailman

The other day my mailman knocked at my door; told me there was a bird a few houses away that was in distress (played with by a cat?) and asked if he could use my empty recycle box lying empty at the end of my driveway to transport the cat to the SPCA. Of course I said yes and to let me know what happens.

About an hour later he returned with the box and said that there was no news re the bird. Let’s hope it was mended and is happily flying about.

I have related this story to a few friends, and am interested in their surprise and query as to the thoughtfulness of this man.

Is this a comment on how “jaded” we have all become that a simple act of compassion and “going out of the way” has elicited such surprise?

There is no end to the information, news and headlines of how “trying” these times are for our planet, people in all walks of life, business and health. AND that we need to create a new “idea” in all of these areas.

However some “ideas” just need to be remembered and followed-through on!

We create the reality of our day-to-day lives and I love the fact that my mailman creates (apparently) his day with compassion and thoughtfulness.

This is what community, social consciousness and responsibility is all about. I do not know this man; yet I feel that I could have an easy conversation with him, and that I would be respected and heard.

So it is nice when someone...anyone is thoughtful. It makes our day more pleasant and we feel “seen”. Through all the challenges of our day-to-day lives remember it is the “little things” in life that keep us connected, aware and in communion with each other.









Have you ever considered helping a friend or family member create the last days of their lives?

I was asked by a friend who was about to pass to please come and help her plan what she wanted for her deathing time and to help communicate to her family her wishes. She was in her mid-seventies, had lived on her own for many years, had many, many dear friends in her community and yet had not been able to speak to anyone about this time in her life.

Logi and I met as students in a class about alternative cancer treatments. She had been through that experience once and did not want to repeat the previous treatments. Now here she was 24 years later, deciding to handle her body and life in a different way. She was under a doctor's care and decided to pursue a path of nutrition, visualization and meditation. Since she had time to be on the program for a few months before surgery; her body and immune system was strong and even though her surgery was radical she was out of the hospital in a few days.

Logi was a strong woman with the brightest smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She was always positive and had a great sense of humour. When I asked her why she had wanted me to help her the reply was ..."Just wait, you'll see".

There was time to plan...many months in fact. The surgery had been successful; but Logi knew that she was ready to go. She had given this much thought and had decided that she wanted to die at home and under no circumstances in a hospital. While she was weak, she was still able to walk daily, make her own meals and take care of her body's needs.

The plan that we devised that was to allow her to remain at home was to have a family member with her when I couldn't be and that she was to be extra careful as that any fall or illness would mean that she could end up back in the hospital.

We set about "designing" her bedroom. Pastel colours were draped around, angels, buddhas and flowers hung everywhere and her choice of music was always playing.
Life continued easily and simply this way for weeks...friends dropping by, desserts always present, laughter and poems being read aloud. She kept hooking her rugs and her last one graces my bedroom still. Her immediate family never came.

As Logi got weaker and took to her bed the daily events slowed, sleep was present more, and her body became softer and lighter. One evening she asked me to put together a memorial service; to design an invitation to her family and friends and had chosen a photo that she wanted included; and she wanted her ashes spread in the canyon creek that she had lived by for the past 20+ years. While I was hesitant, feeling that a more appropriate person was needed she refused and said I would understand later.

Well her passing day came; I was not present...however the most extraordinary thing happened. Her niece who was staying at the time tells it like this..."A young man knocked at the door inquiring about a rental property address...since she was not familiar with the area she called into Logi for directions and Logi said "Let him come in and I will tell him" which point the young man sees Logi and must have sensed the situation.

He was carrying a guitar and promptly sat down at the foot of Logi's bed and started playing...and that is how Logi "designed' her deathing time...she was carried home on the notes of a young soul's heartstrings.

The memorial service was challenging. Once the invitations were sent out I received many phone calls from her family. Even though they were all kept informed of her condition over time, and were aware of her desires, they were upset as to the setting by the creek and the informality of the event.

As I was standing, looking out my window contemplating how I was going to get them to reconsider and come I heard Logi's voice.."Now you know why I asked you to do this". "Gee, thanks", I responded..
I picked up the phone, called each person and relayed that if a total stranger could stop and play his guitar at the foot of her bed for her journey home the least they could do was show up with the love and respect I knew they had for her. It was not about was about her.

On that day, that sun was shining, the flies and sunbeams played over the cascading water and each said their own prayer as they let her ashes trickle through their fingers into the water that carried her back to the source and memories, laughter and tears were shared.

So consider asking an elder family member, a dear friend or yourself...what do you want at your deathing time?? Where do you want to be? How do you see this? What do you want around you?

We will all go to this much better to plan, dream and celebrate our life and enjoy the memories, events, people and times together. Love, touch, share and laugh.

I'm told that there is a "birthday party" waiting on the other side!! Yeah !!!




Bloomed ? or  Still Blooming ?

I just love the various greens as the new leaves make themselves present this time of year.  I love seeing the new growth, the blossoms and know that all is unfolding as it should.

I greet the oft’seen trees, look forward to the ones that have not yet bloomed and know that there are some that will not present themselves again.

I believe that we humans are like trees...we grow (slowly) year to year, shed leaves (old habits, ideas that don’t serve us any longer), add new branches as we learn, become curious, love more, and also intertwine with other branches and trees as we reach for warmth and friendship/relationship.

Try this exercise:

Find a photo of yourself that represents each decade of your life.  Get a pen and paper.

Now lay the photos side by side youngest to oldest.

Relax>>>now with each photo; remember where, when, what you were thinking, doing (work?) believing at this time in your life...write it all down.

NOW...Observe your (inside) reactions/feelings as you do this.

Do you see/acknowledge your growth...your blooming times...your stagnant times?

What does this mean to you?   When did you fall ?... have to pull yourself up?

Who was by your side?  Who did you help?

What forced? you to grow...pain?...curiosity?.... love?

So see... Leaves = us/the varieties.  Blossoms = new lessons learned; ready to share.

Trees = the constant yet changing,  new shapes, the unfolding each year, becoming more.

We are all One...same life energy, same nutrients, same cycles, same desire to be the best we can be and know and complete our purpose here.

Do you have one more Bloom in you??
What is it??   What stops you??









Not even the whisper of a breeze

disturbed the calm

that pervaded the shady, cool woodland

before the silence

was pierced by the shrill scream

of the revving motor

as the saw’s teeth tore unmercifully

through the majestic giant

until it fell to the ground

with a mighty thud.


It is said that plants have no feelings.


Why is it then

that several moments later

the leaves of the surrounding trees

rustled softly

‘though no breeze stirred?


To me ….

they were paying tribute to their fallen comrade.


Rhonda Michelle McDougall

I wrote this moments after the actual incident happened. And it is true...the leaves of the surrounding deciduous trees

( though not adjacent to the conifer that had been cut down) did start to rustle. To me they were reacting to what had happened.



The Nature and Nurturing of Apathy

Apathy: the absence or suppression of passion, emotion, excitement; lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting; insensitivity to suffering; indifference;

Sooo…we know that apathy is a developed and learned attitude. Not one of our natural 5-6 senses. And it can be passed on to family members !

We know that it is nurtured by constant inability to make a decision, confusion, fear and sensory suppression.

It is a ”culturally-designed” phenomenon !

It starts with being overwhelmed with various “spins” on a topic, the media hype and the constant barrage of information “that needs attention/decision right now”!  Slowly we start to protect ourselves by tuning out, distancing ourselves, pretending we don’t care.

It is no wonder that we turn off, hide away (inside) only to peek out occasionally to see if it’s safe to “come out and have an opinion” that will be heard.

Little do we realize the high cost of this behaviour in the long run. Not only does it infect those around us as we give power away to “them” for our decisions; we become less of a positive role model, less of a voice for our selves and our place in our communities and on the planet...we become numb to our own inner voice and it’s truth and guidance.

We are here on the planet to make a the size, shape, import or longevity.

How dare we be bombarded with so much negativity and useless dialog that we have to shut down and spend so much time and energy to seek out the truth of each and every matter, law, idea that is presented .

As responsible adults and members of the larger humanity we all want to contribute in a positive way. Very often we ‘elect” people to speak and act in our behalf. But do they really respect, know and follow-through on our behalf??  Again apathy sets in.

One way out of this cycle is to always vote the current people out. This gives way to new thought, energy and ideas. It’s also a good way to stir things up!  As I age I am more convinced that nothing changes unless I change and speak from my truth and knowingness...hey...what really has changed in the last several centuries...we still kill over an ideal or thought, greed is rampant, jobs are hard to come by for far too many, people are still trying to tell us what is best (for them) and we are still trying to figure it all out !

But I say...Break out...Raise Your Voice...Make Yourself Heard...Get Fired Up...Enjoy Your Ideas, Spread Them Around, Create, Make a Positive Difference...this is loving you and your life at its best! One thing: CAUSE or CREATE NO HARM FOR YOURESELF or OTHERS !!!    GET BACK INTO LIFE AND SING YOUR LIFE OUTLOUD !!




Wisdom From the Underworld

P1100097_copy_MACKEREL_SKY_SUNSET_SOOKE_MAY_19_-_24Fear not the darkness, whether forced or sought

The descent that opens the soul and heart to the sacred knowledge
Never before imagined

Like Persephone or Inanna
We enter the abyss of the underworld
Losing the self we thought we had known

To the depths of despair we are brought
Surrendering those parts no longer useful
Where escape is no longer an option, we wait

Through initiation of the dark earth mother we do emerge
Reconnected and strong and oh, so wise
To enter finally and fully into our humanness
Into our lives of spirit and flesh

For without darkness, we can not know light

Christine M Goyer



Can you believe we are already in the 3rd month of the year…I receive e-mails every day about the acceleration of time, the various events, influences and energies that are coming together to make this happen…and all I want to do is accomplish my “ to-do-list” to-day !

In business you are taught and oft reminded that timing is everything. And who of us has not (many times) looked back and thought… if only I had moved quicker, thought faster, had had enough time to…

This whole “idea” that time is speeding up unsettles me..I feel pushed, prodded and un –acccomplishing ? each day…never enough time !!

There have been many scientific studies, astrological studies, metaphysical studies,

planetary studies, environmental studies , religious and spiritual studies, and just plain

winging-it studies.

All I know and feel is that I am tired of thinking of time. Too much information, what to do with it all and where is the time to process and integrate all this stuff.

We (the culture) created “time”…so why can’t we un-create it??  I for one would love to un-create “day-light-saving time.”  This is an outmoded idea particularly in our techi world;  the majority of us don’t have to get up early to be in touch with the monetary markets…what a way to run a life!!   And the farmers…I’m sure they know how to tell time, without the aid of a law or a watch…as they live and breathe the cycles of life and nature.

Maybe the better word  is “space” This is a jargon word that in a certain context for “time” becomes a noun…and from that we can see/feel and carve out an emptiness that we can fill as we choose...relax into the “space” that we can claim anytime we choose .

One thing that I know for sure, I require more space/time to do nothing . In that nothingness I may ponder (whatever), notice what and who is right in front of me, enjoy the beauty of my immediate surroundings, appreciate the seasons, the various changes that each brings, look forward to the various activities, light changes, the bird song, colours and fragrances and the play and fun of each time.

I want to stttttrrrreeeetttccchhhh  my space/time. I want to savour it, wallow in it, immerse myself in it, relax and enjoy each moment ( oops there is that time thing again)…But you get the idea….and hopefully you will un-create time in your life and teach others how to do it too…

A so much healthier and life appreciating / enhancing way to be.




She dances the beauty
That resides within her
She dances the wisdom
Of forever past and future
She dances for the women
Who cannot themselves dance
Beautiful dancer
She awakens the beauty, vision and wisdom
For all of us

Christine Goyer-Swift


Glimpses in Passing

" I'm so glad you're here." my friend said.

"Where else would I be?" I respond.

"This is our journey"

"It's like I'm giving birth; the pain sweeps through me, then I remember."

Not birth, yet a releasing. This son, this soul, this light,


The mother gives back from whence he came.


The Women gather, surrounding the one in need, adding their strength to her own.

Each gives her gifts;

One captures the visions; of friends present, of sunsets, petels on the sand.

One writes the heart notes.

Others touch her face, her hair, wipe a tear, whisper soothing words.

All prepare the table where grief is shared, memories of the loved child expressed.

We all nuture our still live bodies.

His brothers offer the ashes to the sea,

Gulls sweep low to carry the dust on high.

The ebb and flow of life.


This woman, this mother, my friend;

Magnificent in her loss;understands the journey of the soul.

And in her strength and acceptance. we all are reminded and made calm.

This is life, the journey we all embark, with losses felt deeply and love shared.

In celebrating the life of this one child, now gone, given back to the One;

We are brought closer to our own Light, we are touched, our connections deepen,

We hold all life a little closer.

This is the gift of the journey. The gift we are honoured to share.



It's All About Me…and You

So here I am…skidding into the last month of the year, hair and skirt flying and sooo much to still do. This is not about the “Season”, although I do love this time of year; this is because I have had such a great year; that I have created so much life in my life that I have still lots to complete and set in motion for next year that I hardly have time to catch up with myself. 

This time last year with a new ”motto” in hand and heart (“Confident Vulnerability”) I set out to create a new path for myself, using the accomplishments, experiences, lessons and wisdom garnered from my life to date. WELL!!! I kept a-hopin’ and a-wishin’ for about six months and then…..WHEW !, WOW ! FINALLY !  I / It all came together. 

This past year has all been about “surrender”. Yes, I had a vision(s), Yes, I wrote it all down, Yes, I took all the actions deemed necessary and Yes, I detached from the outcome.  AND then I waited, waited and waited some more. Now I know it is all about the energy, and the trust and about keeping myself focused and positive, but comeon…how long can one do this ?  day after day, week after week, month after month???    For however long it takes !!!!!

I am a woman “of a certain age” and I know that one is “supposed” to slow down, make concessions, maybe even retire…WHAT??? Who said? Why?  It seems to me that we “of a certain age” are at the height of our powers, intelligence and wisdom. We have learned the lessons, survived (for however long) and we have much to give, share, celebrate and mostly enjoy. Each of us is given so much energy each day...some more, some less, so I set out to use that energy knowing what I know now and create anew. AND enjoy (IN-JOY).

We are at a crossroads on this planet…look anywhere and see the challenges everywhere. We have been born “in interesting times” and what is needed is a “new way”; of relating, communing, sharing wisdom, deeply listening, co-creating a world that is a reflection of our deepest knowing and love and for the “highest good of all”

There are always “people” who are born for a “Certain Time”. Are you one of them? 

Look around, open your heart, take a stand, vision a new idea, act in love and Be all you can be…right here, right now!!  Many Blessings, Peace & Love for Your Life… untangle those b….. lights…(you’d think someone? would have a new idea about this??!!.




Why is it that at this time of year I am reminded of the cycles of life, the ebb and flow of Mother Earth; the changing of the trees and their glorious colours. As I drive by I hear them calling “Look at Me, Look at Me…I’m beautiful, Enjoy Me While You Can”.

Nature can be much like a child ..delighted with themselves... and also ( probably not verbalized ) an elder person who knows their worth and realizes they have much to offer. I find it sad and disheartening that our culture does not recognize, honour and celebrate the cycles and changes of life both in humanity and nature. There was this great book that came into my life many years ago by Leo Buscaglia The Fall of Freddie the Leaf.

I found this to be a delightful, profound and yet simple story for all ages, as Freddie observed and interacted with all the leaves on his branch; the wisdom and guidance offered by “his elder” leaf friend as the cycles of life passed are true and sure for us all.

All of us lose greatly by not listening, dialoguing with and respecting the experienced and knowing elder in our communities…even if we don’t agree…there is always much to learn, contemplate and share.

So much of our cultural messages and systems are geared to youth; staying young, looking young, feeling young; and we have often thought life is wasted on the young.

Appreciation, gratitude, generosity and living life fully comes with experience, lessons learned and appreciated, and acceptance.

We are all “worth” the time and attention.



The Invitation

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true.

I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty, even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up, after the night of grief and despair weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer (c)1999 Published by HarperONE, San Francisco. All rights reserved. Presented with permission of the author.


Spirit Woman



She says to be still
The beautiful spirit woman with shining white hair
And just be
Not meaning a wife or gardener or mother
Or lawyer or father or shoemaker
But be...And ask, Who am I, really?
Am I not that which is light, that which is dark
That which is love and stillness and beauty
That which is God if that's what we choose to call it?
Pure innocence and unwavering in faith
For peace to show through
For light and pure essence to show through
Through me to you to the ones who want to know truth
And are still long enough so they too
Hear the message

Christine M Goyer-Swift

I was inspired by the beautiful, silver-white-haired Gangaji in her Satsang talks I saw on video years ago. Her teachings are a dedication to sharing the path of freedom through direct self-inquiry as taught by Indian sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi through her spiritual teacher, Sri Poonja (Papaji). "All of the searching, all of the efforting to find your true self is naturally revealed in open, relaxed simplicity."





I waited, in the cocoon
I was still and tired
Wanting to move, but too familiar
In my cocoon
I stayed there and thought
A lot

I thought about how it would be when I shed the layers
That surrounded me
I didn’t know how long I’d been there
I knew though
How to protect myself from the hard winters
And each spring I would peek out and move around
But realize I wasn’t ready yet
To emerge into the brilliance of spring and the freedom that would bring

I was very comfortable there
It was warm and familiar
I learned to be patient
I learned about heat and cold and savage wind
I was still
And while still
I grew
And grew
And grew

Until one day I emerged
Into that place where I was not constrained
My wings moved
My heart soared

And I was a butterfly

Christine M Goyer-Swift

This poem signifies strength in change, and also in staying the same. Sometimes it takes great strength to stay put where we are and “wait out the storm” whatever that is.


Peace Anyone??

Remember Us?? = Peacekeepers

On September 21st each year we celebrate International Peace Day. A day designated by the UN in 1982. Over the past 25 years I have been involved in creating a community celebration; sometimes in Vancouver, or San Francisco and then here on the Island. I am one of those people who continues to question “why” Why there is not peace everywhere, at all times?

Now I know that we all have our darker sides, our areas of anger and meanness...and yet on the whole most of us manage to get ourselves under control, take a time out and cool off.

Peace sits inside each one of us. It is a constant; in everyone, everywhere at all times. Peace is always present and is fuelled by love trust and harmony. Our hearts flow with this energy constantly…until a fear takes over creating dis-agreement, dis-cord and anything un-like harmony.

While this had been going on for centuries; have we as a species not seen the extreme cost and decay of civilization because of this attitude. Are we so weak as a species, become so complaisant as a society that we constantly give our power and our very hearts and soul to a system that consistently promotes fear, does not work and brings out the worst in us all.

I do not say these things lightly…and I do suggest that we as a species were given brains, speech and feet. We do finally get to choose; and we after thousands of years know that the old way does not work. Do we really want peace? Or do we want employment, more money to create yet more weapons and kill, copping out so we don’t have to think, take responsibility and take a stand, and teach our young people a different way.

Finding our way back to peace is a maturation process and consists of: deeply listening to the other, speaking our truth, looking for and creating a new solution, opening a dialog and knowing and trusting that there is always a peaceful win-win solution to every situation.

When we realize that everyone wants happiness, a better life, prosperity and peace; we can connect with open hearts and minds to choose peace.

It takes courage to be different, speak out and up to those who are so full of fear that they only feel good when they have “power over” someone/situation. This is still the schoolyard bully given and taken to the bigger stage.

So I ask…What has Peace given you to-day…how is your life impacted by peace? Not what have you done for peace…but how do you share, teach and impact your family/ community/world with your love and peace words/actions ?



Power Places

When I first came to the Island I was told “don’t expect people to return your calls” ?? Now, having been here 10 years and living in 2 large towns I have found this mostly to be true. What’s that about??? I am basically addressing the business arena of our lives and I really don’t understand this. If one is in business, one wants to do business. So...if one is so busy, successful, already, has enough business ;I guess I can understand this attitude. And yet I this lack of curiosity, fear of the new, laziness, rudeness or??

A phone conversation offers a “tone”, a way to gain clarity, have a dialog, give and receive information and most of all warmth and humour thus setting the stage for a good business relationship. E-mails don’t quite fit this test for me and while I do see their place in the business dialog; I still prefer the person to person contact.

So I’m back to my original question...why aren’t calls returned? ( this is not about contacts that you have already made and decided are not for you ). Could this be a power keep the person calling in a place of reaching out while you control the decision? For my part, I find that this game is played more by women than men. Maybe men are more comfortable in a cold call situation and can also get off the phone easier than women once they have made a decision. Men are also more comfortable doing business in social situations; the golf course, over lunch or dinner, on a hike etc. WE, do not do afternoon tea, sit in our gardens or bat a ball back and forth.

Since most women learned the “how” of being in business from the male model what is uniquely our style?? It is well documented that women are the best salespeople, we are masters at putting any person at ease…we fix situations and are very creative. What is the best way to gain trust and openness ??? When a man shakes the hand of another man in “agreement” they are not giving anything but a contractual acknowledgement and commitment. When a woman trusts and agrees she requires and “feels” a deeper sense of connection and understanding. The trust goes deeper. ( and therefore disappointment is a risk )

Back to the unreturned calls…can we only trust so much…do business with so many...give only to a set number…do we feel overwhelmed by too much required trust? How can we be truly and wildly successful when our very strengths get in the way? How can we develop a style that will allow flow, ease and fun in our work world and enjoy all the various gifts and creativity we bring to this arena. Our clients/customers will benefit greatly and thus we will have more business and profit.


Power Places: continued

I have had the big office, dozens of employees, big overhead , power lunches at big hotels in big cities throughout North America. I was the decision maker, not the male sales people who worked for me ( you should have heard some of the whispered conversations with the male heads of the companies we were meeting with when the decisions were referred to me…fun!!!). Looking back I wish that I had known that I could have done business differently…( although I never did wear a suit with a bow) I would have been more relaxed, had more plants around, music and better/healthier goodies and had more fun in the process of doing business.

Being “ in our own power” allows us as women to come from our strengths; design how we want to do business, know that every-thing has an impact, adjust as required and most of all we can be respectful, supportive and be open and curious to those new calls/people reaching out to us and our business…this is the delight and fun of newness that life offers each day…are you up for it ?? are you ready to say “yes” ?? Then..return the call.(please).



Power Places
August 2010


On a Thread of Thought

I really do believe that women are the answers to most if not all of the various and many issues presenting themselves in our lives at this time. You may have heard that His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that… “the world will be saved by the western woman”… Upon hearing this my response was “of course” ...we are more educated, have more money at our disposal, not stressed re healthcare, generally experience a good quality of life, take better care of ourselves than the previous generation and have a great deal more decision power and freedom.

Now having said this; I am very aware of the many women in this country and beyond who do not enjoy some of these “gifts” daily or ever. What does it take to change this? As a woman of a certain age I have experienced and witnessed some of the challenges most women must meet and endure as we create our lives and especially juggle home, family and business. Whether you are at home, work for someone else or yourself; there are many areas of tough choices and limitations.

In an ideal situation...and yes after all my “realities” I still hold out for the ideal /equitable outcome; what I know for sure is that a woman has the strength, fortitude and creativity to meet any and all challenges that may come her way.

One of the most important attributes a woman has is another woman that will speak up and support her even when she may not agree wholeheartedly. Just that one more voice adds credence to the dialog and will shift the energy and create an openness for a new solution.

Are you a women who respects and supports other women , no matter what? Or are you a woman who sits back, critiques, waits, maybe negates the woman speaking? When we witness all the various issues of turmoil you know that just one voice can start a change, for all? WE are what the world has been waiting for.

Our natural gifts of creating, birthing, caring for, nurturing, listening and dialoguing are the perfect skills and gifts that our community and planet need right here right now. This is a pivotal time in our her/history. All that you have become is required now, irrespective of age…to move forward, to create a new way of being for the women who come after us and to birth new answers, ideas and dialogs in every area of life. Take a breath, check your heart, listen deeply...what is it saying?…can you start something new?...connect with an idea, a vision…it doesn’t have to be big...and then call a friend, start something wonderful that will support, encourage, or change an outmoded situation.

WE are brave, awesome and delightful when in our full power place. Acknowledge and Enjoy You,… Your talents, gifts and presence and share it with the world.

July 2010


The Fall of Freddie the Leaf:

A Story of Life for All Ages, by Leo Buscalgia

Spring had passed. So had Summer. Freddie, the leaf, had grown large. His mid section was wide and strong, and his five extensions were firm and pointed. He had first appeared in Spring as a small sprout on a rather large branch near the top of a tall tree.

Freddie was surrounded by hundreds of other leaves just like himself, or so it seemed. Soon he discovered that no two leaves were alike, even though they were on the same tree. Alfred was the leaf next to him. Ben was the leaf on his right side, and Clare was the lovely leaf overhead. They had all grown up together. They had learned to dance in the Spring breezes, bask lazily in the Summer sun and wash off in the cooling rains.

But it was Daniel who was Freddie's best friend. He was the largest leaf on the limb and seemed to have been there before anyone else. It appeared to Freddie that Daniel was also the wisest among them. It was Daniel who told them that they were part of a tree. It was Daniel who explained that they were growing in a public park. It was Daniel who told them that the tree had strong roots which were hidden in the ground below. He explained about the birds who came to sit on their branch and sing morning songs. He explained about the sun, the moon, the stars, and the seasons.

Freddie loved being a leaf. He loved his branch, his light leafy friends, his place high in the sky, the wind that jostled him about, the sun rays that warmed him, the moon that covered him with soft, white shadows. Summer had been especially nice. The long hot days felt good and the warm nights were peaceful and dreamy. There were many people in the park that Summer. They often came and sat under Freddie's tree. Daniel told him that giving shade was part of his purpose.

"What's a purpose?" Freddie had asked.

"A reason for being," Daniel had answered. "To make things more pleasant for others is a reason for being. To make shade for old people who come to escape the heat of their homes is a reason for being. To provide a cool place for children to come and play. To fan with our leaves the picnickers who come to eat on checkered tablecloths. These are all the reasons for being."

Freddie especially liked the old people. They sat so quietly on the cool grass and hardly ever moved. They talked in whispers of times past. The children were fun, too, even though they sometimes tore holes in the bark of the tree or carved their names into it. Still, it was fun to watch them move so fast and to laugh so much.

But Freddie's Summer soon passed. It vanished on an October night. He had never felt it so cold. All the leaves shivered with the cold. They were coated with a thin layer of white which quickly melted and left them dew drenched and sparkling in the morning sun. Again, it was Daniel who explained that they had experienced their first frost, the sign that it was Fall and that Winter would come soon.


Almost at once, the whole tree, in fact, the whole park was transformed into a blaze of color. There was hardly a green leaf left. Alfred had turned a deep yellow. Ben had become a bright orange. Clare had become a blazing red, Daniel a deep purple and Freddie was red and gold and blue. How beautiful they all looked. Freddie and his friends had made their tree a rainbow.

"Why did we turn different colors," Freddie asked, "when we are on the same tree?"

"Each of us is different. We have had different experiences. We have faced the sun differently. We have cast shade differently. Why should we not have different colors?" Daniel said matter-of-factly. Daniel told Freddie that this wonderful season was called Fall.

One day a very strange thing happened. The same breezes that, in the past, had made them dance began to push and pull at their stems, almost as if they were angry. This caused some of the leaves to be torn from their branches and swept up in the wind, tossed about and dropped softly to the ground. All the leaves became frightened.

"What's happening?" they asked each other in whispers.

"It's what happens in Fall," Daniel told them. "It's the time for leaves to change their home. Some people call it to die."

"Will we all die?" Freddie asked.

"Yes," Daniel answered. "Everything dies. No matter how big or small, how weak or strong. We first do our job. We experience the sun and the moon, the wind and the rain. We learn to dance and to laugh. Then we die."

"I won't die!" said Freddie with determination. "Will you, Daniel?"

"Yes," answered Daniel, "when it's my time."

"When is that?" asked Freddie.

"No one knows for sure," Daniel responded.

Freddie noticed that the other leaves continued to fall. He thought, "It must be their time." He saw that some of the leaves lashed back at the wind before they fell, others simply let go and dropped quietly. Soon the tree was almost bare.

"I'm afraid to die," Freddie told Daniel. "I don't know what's down there."

"We all fear what we don't know, Freddie. It's natural," Daniel reassured him. "Yet, you were not afraid when Summer became Fall. They were natural changes. Why should you be afraid of the season of death?"


"Does the tree die, too?" Freddie asked.

"Someday. But there is something stronger than the tree. It is Life. That lasts forever and we are all a part of Life."

"Where will we go when we die?"

"No one knows for sure. That's the great mystery!"

"Will we return in the Spring?"

"We may not, but Life will."

"Then what has been the reason for all of this?" Freddie continued to question. "Why were we here at all if we only have to fall and die?"

Daniel answered in his matter-of-fact way, "It's been about the sun and the moon. It's been about happy times together. It's been about the shade and the old people and the children. It's been about colors in Fall. It's been about seasons. Isn't that enough?"

"That afternoon, in the golden light of dusk, Daniel let go. He fell effortlessly. He seemed to smile peacefully as he fell. "Goodbye for now, Freddie," he said.

Then, Freddie was all alone, the only leaf on his branch. The first snow fell the following morning. It was soft, white, and gentle; but it was bitter cold. There was hardly any sun that day, and the day was very short. Freddie found himself losing his color, becoming brittle. It was constantly cold and the snow weighed heavily upon him.

At dawn the wind came that took Freddie from his branch. It didn't hurt at all. He felt himself float quietly, gently and softly downward. As he fell, he saw the whole tree for the first time. How strong and firm it was! He was sure that it would live for a long time and he knew that he had been part of its life and made him proud.

Freddie landed on a clump of snow. It somehow felt soft and even warm. In this new position he was more comfortable than he had ever been. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. He did not know that Spring would follow Winter and that the snow would melt into water. He did not know that what appeared to be his useless dried self would join with the water and serve to make the tree stronger. Most of all, he did not know that there, asleep in the tree and the ground, were already plans for new leaves in the Spring.




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