1 Tarah Millen, Dedicated environmental and animal rights activist. Sea Shepard volunteer and raw food lover.
2 Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, Writer, Researcher, Historian, Edmonton, AB
3 Betty Cornelius, Founder of CANGRANDS KINDSHIP NATIONAL SUPPORT, Toronto, Ontario
4 Cat Ross - Founder of K.I.D.S. (Kenya Imitative Development & Sustainability) ~ Winnipeg , MB
5 Kim Beatty, Lawyer & Founder of Children’s Book Bank ~ Toronto, ON
6 Re-Visiting Mother Nature
7 Jessica Bowden ~ Entrepreneur, Teens Now Talk magazine creator, Award Winner ~ Halifax, NS
8 Alejandra De Miguel, Chief Winemaker, Principal, Vintage One Wines ~ Toronto, ON
9 Amy Carr-Hilton, Lover of Yoga, healthy living and new entrepreneur ~ Courtenay, BC
10 Christina Nienaber-Roberts, MSc, RNHP, KY , companion of people to find their inner self~ Courtney, BC
11 Rhonda McDougall, Friend, Lover of dogs, Photography, Writing and Travel ~ Edmonton, AB
12 Jesleine Baker ~ Daughter, Sister, Marine Systems Engineering Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy ~ Halifax, NS
13 Jenn & Alanna Tynan ~ Sisters, Friends, Founders of th Latitude Project ~ Victoria, BC
14 Lorene Benoit ~ Writer, Healer, Entrepreneur ~ Duncan, BC
15 Laura Busheikin ~ Yoga Instructor, writer, innovator ~ Denman Island, BC
16 Morganne Michel Pickering ~ Wise Women Network Publisher/Creator, Mentor, Life Coach, Campbell River, BC
17 Kelly Korponay, Entrepreneur, Mother and Artist ~ Winnipeg, MB
18 Jessie Radies - Business owner, restaurant owner, wife, mom, lover of community ~ Edmonton, AB
19 Marion Ann Berry - Hotel Duty Manager, Writer and friend - Victoria, BC
20 Linda Lucas - Executive Director of Caring for First Nations Children Society ~ Sooke, BC
21 Christine Goyer-Swift, Friend, Mother, and Writer: Campbell River, BC
22 Linda Muhull, Artist, Life Coach, and Spiritual Guidance, Langford, BC
23 Misty Cartmill, Owner/Founder of Organic South End Child Care, Halifax, NS
24 Carol Willms; Creator of Jewelry, Mother, Friend - Victoria, BC
25 Araisbel Diaz - Software developer, language enthusiast, Montreal, QC
26 Mother Nature
27 Jackie Windh - Writer, Photographer, Broadcaster - Vancouver Island, BC
28 Heather Plett - Writer, Innovator, Facilitator and Teacher - Winnipeg, MB
29 Eliza Mada Dalian - Master Healer & Spiritual Guide, Vancouver, BC
30 Jode Doherty Morgan - Owner and Operator of Morgan's Landing Wilderness Retreat, Stuart Island, BC
31 Oriah Mountain Dreamer - Author, Toronto, ON
32 Kathy & Tracy Plato - Owner and Operators of Sundance Java Bar, Vancouver Island, BC
33 Dionne Izzard - Manager of Annual Giving For the IWK Health Center, Halifax, NS
34 Heather Fischbuch - Owner and Operator of the Day Spa, Radium, BC
35 Gabriela Eikeland - Healing Practitioner, Vancouver Island, BC
36 Diane Jung - Reiki Master, Toronto, ON
37 Deborah Freeman - Flower Essence Practitioner, Vancouver Island, BC
38 Jean Wrohan - Nia Dance Movement Instructor, Vancouver, BC
39 Daphne Schenk - Artist,Teacher, and Mother, Vancouver Island, BC
40 Liz Robitaille - Founder of Wisdom Within Coaching, Vancouver Island, BC
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