Eliza Mada Dalian

Master Healer & Spiritual Guide, Vancouver, BC


It’s said that out of one thousand beings that become enlightened, only one becomes a master who is able to individually guide others out of the complexities of their personal illusion. Eliza Mada Dalian is one such rare being. She is a self-realized mystic, spiritual teacher, medical intuitive, internationally acclaimed master-healer, creator of the No-Yes Active Meditation, and author of the seven time award-winning book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness. Above all, Mada is the founder of the evolutionary Dalian Method™ for Health and Consciousness– a groundbreaking light-speed technique for the 21st century that takes the concepts of healing and awakening into new heights. ( from Healing Into Consciousness : Personal development book)

MAB: Your book In Search of the Miraculous has received prestigious book awards and has been praised by Deepak Chopra. What would you say the key message of your book is?

EMD:  My key message is to become conscious of who you truly are and understand why you are here. So the book offers a step-by-step map on the development of the ego and consciousness and the path of self-exploration on our journey to awaking. Experiencing and knowing the being has been called enlightenment, self-realization, liberation, and union with God. I call it: healing into consciousness. In order to heal into consciousness it is important to ask ourselves: “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where would I go when I die? What is this opportunity that life offers me? What are my unique gifts that I have brought to share with the world?”

The book is to inspire you to become conscious of your inner being. It is to help you understand where you are on your journey of personal development from ego into a fully liberated consciousness. It is to give you a bird’s eye view of what is our life on this planet all about. It is to help you have a sense of where you are headed. It is to help you know the pitfalls on the path of self-discovery so you can transcend your feelings of depression and aloneness., and discover your inner joy.

The book also gives many tools to help peel away the layers of your personal, collective, and cosmic unconscious that are blocking the light of your consciousness. It helps you understand your fear and pain, guides you through the steps of self-acceptance and surrender to what is so you can transcend your ego and find the inner truth of your eternal being.

MAB: As a spiritual guide, have you faced any challenges and were still able to live with purpose?

EMD:  I don’t look at challenges as a problem. I look at challenges as opportunities. To me, every challenge is an opportunity to learn and become consciousness of something more. Consciousness has no bounds to how much it can expand. The whole universe is available for us to explore.

If we look at our challenges as a problem that needs to be fixed, we will miss many opportunities of living our life more fully.  If we stop looking at challenges as something negative, we’ll stop to suffer. Instead, we’ll begin to experience the ecstasy that the path of self-discovery offers. If we look at challenges as opportunities for personal growth, we can quickly transform the so-called misfortune into good fortune that will open doors to new possibilities. All our challenges are opportunities to be more creative and to find new ways to improve life for ourselves, others, and the planet.

MAB: What would you like to share with women today?

EMD: To take power back into their own hands. Women have limitless power to create. They are the life-givers. This kind of power comes with great responsibility. Women need to become conscious of their power and instead of depending on men to fulfill their needs, they need to learn to fulfill their own needs by loving and honouring themselves. Instead of trying to please men, women need to teach men how to honour them.

Women have been taught to serve men for many generations. They have been afraid to use their power, and they have passed this model to their children. It is time now that women re-claim their power and stand up for themselves and their own truth. They need to find their own gifts, learn to take risks and sing their own song. Once a woman has done these things for herself, she can then teach these principles to her children.

To be in feminine power means to live through the heart. It means to find and live with one’s own inner wisdom and understanding instead of being jealous and competing with others. A wise woman is someone who is not afraid to be alone. She does not close her doors, but remains open and receptive.

MAB: The Dalai Lama has said that the Western women will be the ones who will change the world. Do you have any comments about his statement?

EMD: The foundation in the West is more supportive for women. The Western woman has more opportunities to take her power back into her own hands then the Eastern woman does. There are more and more women in the West who are in power positions. They are executives, they run their own businesses, and are successful and financially independent. Financial freedom also allows women to claim their spiritual freedom. Thanks to women the old business model has begun to change. Thanks to Western women, the outside work environment, where we spend one third of our lives, is becoming more nurturing and supportive for personal growth. Thanks to Western women who for the past forty to fifty years have followed the path of self-discovery and their longing for a better world, the old business model has started to change into a more family-like model that is supportive of not just their own needs, but other people’s needs as well. I believe that if more women take leading positions in the business world, then men can also learn to become more nurturing and caring.

MAB: What inspires you?

EMD: I enjoy seeing people transform and become conscious. I enjoy seeing them live through their hearts and with compassion for one another. Life is much more enjoyable when we stop manipulating and competing with one another. It inspires me to help people look into their shadow and transform their pain, fears, jealousy, competitiveness and lust into love, honesty, and compassion. It inspires me to see people become more authentic, loving and caring, and live their life more joyfully and in celebration. It inspires me to share my light-speed healing method with the world and see consciousness on this planet evolve.

Mada’s work is very powerful and inspiring. Her evolutionary Dalian Self-Healing Method book and 2 CD set is scheduled to be released in late spring of 2011. For more details about Mada’s book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, the No-Yes Active Meditation, videos, workshops, intensives, and personal mentoring tele-classes please visit, and www.HealingIntoConsciousness

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