The Language of Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, Empathy and Allowance = Peace

Honestly expressing how I am without blaming or criticizing

        Empathically receiving how you are without hearing blame or criticism

 The Languaging and Dialogues of:

-The Heart of Nonviolent Communication

-Giving From the Heart

-Communication that Blocks Compassion

-Observing Without Evaluation (Judging)

-Identifying and Expressing Feelings

-Requesting That Which Would Enrich Life

-Receiving Empathically

-The Power of Empathy

-Expressing Anger Fully

The Protective Use of Force (Personal Power)

-Liberating Ourselves and Counseling Others

-Expressing Appreciation in Nonviolent Communication

This is a workshop held over a period of 2 days. It is a model based on dialogue and the giving and receiving of experience and guidance. The intent is to learn new and empowering language that will open the heart, mind and understanding of all those involved and to then take this new way of languaging into the day to day lives of families, friends and community.  

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